Since 2007, CREC is not conducting sessions in its centre of Ecully (Lyon, France) but its teams of trainers are present in different parts of the world (this November, a session will take place in Tahiti). All those who have known the centre, the hall, the studio, the offices, the computer room, the chapel… may ask : what happens with the building?

During a period of time, the building hosted some courses from a school preparing social workers. This year, a new project was presented by the Assomptionnists of Valpré : to start a small unit helping unemployed business executives to create their own new enterprise. Every year, Valpré organizes meetings for about 40.000 executives. From experience, it appears that when executives loose their jobs, around the forties, they hardly find a new one because they are too costly and too qualified. The project is to organize a small unit where they will find offices and a team to help them to build their one enterprise, which seems to be the best way for a new future. A number of social partners will help to guarantee the success.

The CREC centre seemed to be appropriate to host such a unit. At CREC we found the social dimension convincing and accepted to take part in such an innovative experience. The project is called “la pépinière d’entreprises” (a business incubator). It will start in January 2016. We hope it will be a success.