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Our Founder

Father Pierre Babin has been called many things:
media guru, communications pioneer, visionary educator.
Once, when asked how he would like to be remembered,
he replied: “As a man who loved God”…

Meet Fr. Pierre

Watch as Fr. Pierre Babin explains the meaning of “The Symbolic Way”. Listen as he describes how sensorial experience can lead to more creative forms of intellectual and spiritual expression.

Video and Article researched and created by Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH. Director of Institute for Pastoral Initiatives – University of Dayton, USA.

Fr. Pierre Babin

You do not use the media. You are yourself the medium.

Fr. Pierre Babin

Fr. Pierre Babin

The future is already with us.

Fr. Pierre Babin

Fr. Pierre Babin

Introducing the religious dimension into our modern world means reintroducing silence into communication.

Fr. Pierre Babin

Fr. Pierre Babin

When we follow the way of beauty we move from sensitivity to earthly wonders, to fascination with the Absolute.

Fr. Pierre Babin

Fr. Pierre Babin

Today, as never before, we suffer from a pollution of information.

Fr. Pierre Babin

Fr. Pierre Babin

Symbolic language introduces us to a different kind of mental and emotional behaviour.

Fr. Pierre Babin

Fr. Pierre Babin

Beauty is not so much an affair of the eye, as one that concerns the whole person.

Fr. Pierre Babin


The CREC Story

Only the most exciting stories have a Beginning, a Middle… and a New Beginning! Discover how CREC International began, what we’re in the middle of… and how we’re reinventing ourselves to prepare for what comes next.

Yesterday is about memory, tradition, history. It’s about recognizing where you come from, and acknowledging the rich heritage left by those who came before you.

The history of CREC International dates back to the 1960’s, when a French Catholic priest of the Oblate Order began exploring the religious dimension of the global communications revolution. His name was Pierre Babin.

In 1971, he founded the Center for Research and Communication (CREC) in Lyon, France. Its purpose was to train future communications leaders, regardless of their religion or country of origin, on the impact and potential of the new media culture.

The origins of CREC International are rooted in that experiential, ecumenical outreach: building on past communications theories and practices, to create the ground for new forms of religious media education.

Today is about focussing on the present moment, staying up-to-date with communications technologies, understanding the needs and expectations of the world around us.

Presently, CREC International is positively engaged in all of the above. We continue our commitment to providing experiential and empowering workshops, on a vast variety of communication-related topics, all over the world.

We are also investing in people: through research programs, and the training of our trainers. This allows us to expand the kinds of sessions we offer. These now include courses in Project Management, Crowd Funding, and Digital Storytelling.

In addition, we are putting our knowledge and experience at the disposal of those seeking advice on how to embrace the opportunities of modern media. This means accompanying religious institutions, seminaries, Bishops’ Conferences, and others, with a consultancy service that offers turnkey solutions to their media plans and projects.

Tomorrow is about looking ahead with curiosity and hope. It’s about defining a long-term vision to help face the challenges of an unknown communications reality that awaits you.

The future of CREC International lies in its readiness to adapt and change. It will mean working more closely with local experts and resources, actively talent-scouting to identify highly-motivated young people who will carry forward the creativity of our founder.

It will mean making sure we stay ahead of communications trends and technologies, and help others to do the same. It will mean daring to provide a prophetic perspective on an ever-evolving, all-engaging, media environment.

The future of CREC International will mean courageously exploring more exciting and effective forms of research and education for communications, in a digital media era that has the potential to take us to infinity… and beyond.


A series of images from recent training sessions hosted around the world

Called to communicate?

Would you like to join our international team of trainers and
media experts? These are the 3 criteria we’re looking for:

Professional experience in one or more of the 10 areas of communication listed under our “Modules” section.

Personal motivation to participate in our experiential communications methodology that aims to empower and inspire.

Passionate commitment to spreading the “Good News” of the Gospel through media and communication.

If you ticked all 3 of these boxes, then you are clearly called to communicate. Please click below to share your story with us.