CREC in Namibia 2016

namibia2016 1Don’t be surprised if the term South West Africa sounds more familiar to you than Namibia. It just means you were born before 1990 when the country gained independence and changed its name.

As a geographical expression, South West Africa is fairly accurate because it describes the location of one of the world’s oldest and largest deserts – the Namib (from which Namibia gets its name). Over 80,000 square kilometres of rugged mountains, arid plains and shifting sand dunes that change colour, from red to yellow, and extend as far as the eye can see – like landscapes on the moon.

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Offering a futur to unemployed people

cropped-lieu-pc3a9piniereSince 2007, CREC is not conducting sessions in its centre of Ecully (Lyon, France) but its teams of trainers are present in different parts of the world (this November, a session will take place in Tahiti). All those who have known the centre, the hall, the studio, the offices, the computer room, the chapel... may ask : what happens with the building?

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Workshop in Tanzania: A Mountain of Trust

IMG 9722It rains a lot on Mount Kilimanjaro in June. And it rains hard. Most of the time you can’t see the mountain because its snow-capped summit is so high it rises above the cloud line – something that makes this dormant volcano even more mysterious.  

There’s also something mysterious about the fact that the highest mountain in Africa is home to one of the continent’s youngest centres of learning. Mwenge Catholic University, near Moshi in Tanzania, rises (literally) on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Maybe that’s why its slogan is: “Reaching for new heights”!

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Truth and Lies in Ukraine

19June 15, 2015 - Two years ago, when I told people I was going to Ukraine, hardly anyone knew where it was. Very few knew that it is the second largest country in Europe (as big as Texas) and hardly anyone remembered that, for centuries, it was the cross-roads of east and west.

Now everyone knows about Ukraine. Unfortunately, for the wrong reasons.

Disturbing pictures of armed men and armoured vehicles haunt the pages of the newspapers on my desk…and the Facebook feed on my phone.

Alarming headlines churn out endless variations of “Ukraine/Russia” – while online articles repeat the same keywords: “tension”, “conflict, “war”.

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